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Bottle Milk – 750ml

Sapins believes that glass bottles are the best packaging option for milk, considering its reusable nature and environmental friendliness. We leave no stone unturned in our effort to bring homogenized milk with 3% Fat content and 8.5 % SNF in glass bottles for the environment conscious individuals. SAPINS aims to reuse these bottles for fresh milk everyday, with your support.

Bottled Milk Premium 1 Ltr

The recyclable PP bottles are introduced in Kerala for the first time by SAPINS. This milk is homogenised milk with 3.5% Fat content and 8.5 % SNF.

Diet Milk 500ML

Pasteurized double toned milk, DIET, contains 1.5% of Fat and 9% of SNF. The low-fat content of milk makes it suitable for the consumption of health freaks with low fat requirements and elderly people considering health concerns.

Premium Milk 500ML

Pasteurized homogenised cows’ milk, with 3.5% Fat and 8.5% SNF is ideal to meet the domestic household requirements. This is thicker and tastier than the regular toned milk.

Rich Milk 1L

Pasteurized homogenised standardised milk,  with 4.5% Fat and 8.5 % SNF. With its higher fat content, this provides extra cuppage and is ideal for making thicker curd and tastier sweets.

Thick Milk 500ML

Pasteurized homogenised toned milk with 3% Fat content and 8.5 % SNF, “Thick” is the most widely used variant in the market. This is ideal for direct consumption such as milk, for making tea & coffee and also for setting good curd.

Milk is the primary source of nutrition for young kids as well as adults. SAPINS Milk comes in a wide variety such as Thick Milk, Premium Milk, Diet Milk and more. SAPINS also delivers milk in glass bottles as a part of our subscription plans.