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Sapins milk is pure, toxin free and does not contain preservatives or added flavours. We use only fresh cow’s milk. It is as good and fresh as packaged milk can be!

pure cow milk-Sapins Dairy

The cow’s milk is collected fresh from trusted small scale dairy farmers. The milk collection is a thoroughly scientific and hygienic process. At the collection point, milk is chilled to 3-4 degrees centigrade in less than a minute. The chilled milk is transported to the dairy plant in Sapins’ special trucks. Once the milk reaches the plant, it undergoes vigorous testing and quality control processes. The milk is then pasteurized in our state of the art packaging plant and stored under hygienic conditions for delivery.

Sapins offers 4 categories of milk. Choose the one that’s right for you!

Diet – Sapins Diet milk is double toned and pasteurised. It contains 1.5% of fat and 9 % SNF. Low in fat, it is the ideal choice for weight watchers and dieters.

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Thick – Sapins Thick with 3% fat and 8.5% SNF is homogenised, pasteurised toned milk that is rich and full-bodied. As the milk is homogenised, cream does not separate easily from it.

Popular – Sapins Popular is toned milk that has 3.5% fat and 8.5% SNF and is pasteurised. The milk is rich and thick creamy layer forms on the surface when boiled and cooled.

Premium – Sapins Premium is the right choice for those who prefer thick, frothy milk. This pasteurised, homogenised milk contains 4.5% fat and 8.5% SNF. The homogenisation ensures that the cream (fat) does not separate from the milk on cooling.


Dairy milk products-Curd-Yogurt-Sapins

Sapins conventional curd is made using a starter as has been done for ages in our households. The milk is boiled and cooled . The cooled milk is transferred to large stainless steel containers for the addition of the starter culture. It is then allowed to stand for the natural bacteria to do its job. No stabilizers, preservatives or other additions are made to it.

Traditional curd has a short shelf life as it tends to sour. Hence, Sapins curd is sold in bulk to consumers.

Paneer or Cottage Cheese

Milk Products-Paneer-Cottage Cheese-Sapins

Paneer is the star of most vegetarian banquets. Sapins paneer is made by adding acetic acid or citric acid to milk that has been heated to a specific temperature. The milk solids is then separated from whey and packaged.

Sapins paneer does not contain any additives, flavour enhancers, or preservatives. Our paneer will have the same texture and softness as homemade cottage cheese.


Dairy Products-Pure Ghee-Sapins

Sapins ghee is pure clarified butter made the conventional way. Butter is melted over a gentle flame till all the excess water evaporates. It does not contain artificial colours, flavours, stabilizers, preservatives or any other additives.

Sapins Ghee enjoys a long shelf life. When stored in hygienic conditions it can last for many months without changes in colour, odour and taste.


Pure Butter-Sapins Dairy

Sapins butter is just as good and as pure as homemade butter! Our butter does not contain artificial colours, flavours, stabilizers or preservatives.

Made from cow’s milk curd, it naturally has a creamy yellow colour. Our butter is made by churning curd, just as you would do it at home, only on a larger scale. The butter is then frozen and packaged in a hygienic environment in our plant.

Sapins butter must be stored in a refrigerator for it to remain fresh.

Butter Milk

Natural Buttermilk-Sapins Dairy

The quintessential thirst-quencher – sambharm or flavoured buttermilk! Buttermilk is a byproduct in the production of butter. Once all the fat (butter) has been removed from the curd, the leftover liquid is buttermilk.

This low calorie, healthy drink is made even better with the addition of natural ingredients like ginger, green chilies, salt and curry leaves.

Buttermilk, like curd, tends to sour if left for long in room temperature.


Khoa-Reduced sweet solids-Sapins Dairy

Khoa is pure milk solids. It is the ultimate milk product obtained by evaporating milk. It is the main ingredient in many Indian sweet dishes and desserts. At Sapins plant, cow’s whole milk is set on a low flame and slowly reduced to khoa over long hours. Sapins khoa does not contain any additives, flavour enhancers, stabilizers or preservatives. Plans are underway to retail khoa in small quantities for household use.

Fresh Cream

Fresh cream from cow milk-Sapins Dairy

Fresh cream is a key ingredient in many a recipe. Sapin’s fresh cream is made from cow’s milk using a cream separator. No flavour enhancers, stabilizers, preservative or colour is added to it.

Fresh cream has to be stored in refrigerated conditions and has a limited shelf life.

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