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Fresh. Pure. Naturally flavourful.

As good as homemade!

Sapins is the dream of a young man who turned his love for farming and animals into a profitable professional venture. Set a short drive away from the bustling city of Kochi, in Kizhakkambalam, Sapins Dairy is a state of the art milk processing plant..

Sapins Dairy had its beginning as a dairy farm. With the commissioning of the modern processing plant a couple of years ago, the focus shifted to milk processing and producing. The plant was instrumental in augmenting our capacity and expanding our operations. In this short span of time, Sapins has carved out a niche for itself in the competitive consumer market.

Today, households and bulk consumers, like corporates, caterers, restaurateurs, bakers etc. swear by the brand. Its purity and freshness has set new benchmarks for the milk industry. Free of preservatives, additives and artificial flavours, our products are as natural and flavourful as nature intended them to be.

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