About Us
About Sapins Dairy
Loaded with Goodness & Purity

Sapins started as a dairy farm a few years before. As our passion intensified, we imbibed the modern technologies for processing milk and started packaging milk and other milk products for retail supply. We have evolved from being a farm to one of the most popular dairy companies supplying in bulk to star hotels, premium restaurants, top caterers, renowned bakers, and many corporates.

We are also in the consumer market supplying dairy farm products regularly to households and popular supermarket chains in the state.

The Sapins Story

Emboldened by a vision to provide pure and genuine dairy products to the cuisine of common people, Sapins began its venture way back in 2009, when Nimmy Thomas and Gigi Thomas started the brand ‘Sapins’under the partnership firm - Orgafresh Foods. The name 'Sapins' was derived from the French word 'Sapin' which means Fir tree, Evergreen and Height. They got the ball rolling by setting up their first dairy farm on 10 October 2010. Later, on 27 June 2013, Sapins was rechristened as Sapins Farm Products Pvt. Ltd. with Nimmy Thomas and Gigi Thomas as the directors.

The Director Board was further expanded when Sibi N Varghese and Ancy Kurian joined on 16 December 2013 and 21st January 2020 respectively. Sapins wrote a new chapter by launching their current processing plant in Kizhakkambalam, Kochi in 2014. Sapins bears unflinching and uncompromising commitment to provide high quality milk and milk products to the masses and will abide by the stance at any cost.

Our Vision

To be India’s most trusted dairy products’ company, catering to commercial and individual requirements.

Our Mission

To produce and supply milk and dairy foods of utmost quality and hygiene using sustainable farming methodologies, making the most of the latest technologies and through continuous development; To make every mother our brand ambassador! It is because a mother will never compromise on the quality of what she gives to her children for their healthy upbringing.

The Founder’s Journey

Gigi, the founder and partner, was born into a farmer family in Kanjirappilly near Kottayam. After a few years of successful stint in Mumbai, he was drawn closer to his homeland and came back to Kerala in 1998. While farming runs in his blood, his experiences in the economic hub of Mumbai enriched and encouraged him to listen to his heart and venture into sustainable dairy farming. Gigi has overcome many struggles in the attempt to set up the dairy farm fairly. With sheer determination and hard work, without compromising on the quality, Gigi fought back all the hardships and succeeded in setting up Sapins, by 2008. Gigi’s father, Mr. Thomas, and wife Nimmy, have been strong pillars of support through the struggling times.

Gigi believes that their alliance with the esteemed Kitex group was a pivotal milestone that boosted their confidence. Kitex is one of the major industry giants in Kerala with a huge workforce. Gigi used to visit Mr. Sabu Jacob, The MD of Kitex quite frequently to request him to consider Sapins products at their canteen. After a few months of continuous and persistent requests, Mr. Jacob finally gave in and asked Gigi to deliver 50 liters of milk on a daily basis. This was a major breakthrough in Sapins’ journey as they had their first major client. They soon managed to bag some of the top caterers, hotels, restaurants and supermarkets to purchase their dairy products in bulk, regularly. Now, in a matter of 4 years, Sapins delivers 4000 liters of milk to Kitex and Twenty-20, daily.

Gigi’s active involvement in every step in the business helped him understand the initial shortfalls quickly, which he mended with utmost care. This dedication and hard work helped him gain many major awards like the best dairy producer in the past and at the present. Despite the hardships, having known the volatility of the market, Gigi survived because he understood the customers’ requirements and is ever-evolving to cater to their changing needs!

Sapins now processes 25,000 Litres
of milk every day from its farms

They also have an extensive network of
small local farms whom they trust
to source milk regularly.

The growth is evident in the annual turnover
which has multiplied over a matter
of few years.

Our Promise

Our prime product is milk, which is considered as the symbol of purity and goodness. We uphold high ethical values and adopt sustainable farming methods to ensure a healthy future generation and environment. It’s our promise to keep providing the purest form of milk and milk products without additives, preservatives and toxins because we care! We care for our customers as family and hence ensure the best of goodness and purity. We engage in continuous research and development to adopt eco-friendly packing materials and employment welfare along with enhanced products and product range.

Organic & Sustainable Farming

Gigi makes sure that every farmer understands and undertakes organic farming methods and maintains sustainability till his products reach the end-user. He ensures top quality at his farms, facilities and supply chain. He ensures personal attention on every aspect of the business to date and has envisioned an extensive expansion in terms of customer-base & product line and international levels of quality standard.

A Healthy Future

Sapins is on its way to achieve technical excellence and is constantly expanding its market outreach. The latest technologies and equipment along with process streamlining are ongoing to manage the expansion, larger volumes and bigger markets. The team is working towards expanding the product line and packaging facilities. The marketing team is working closely with the supply-chain team to ensure that demand is aptly met with on-time supply. Sustainability remains the core value through our growth and expansion. At Sapins, the future is full of goodness and purity and it’s bright!